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boosting efforts to attract Chinese
boosting efforts to attract Chinese


        The conference, hosted by marketing organization Destination DC, was also part of the Welcome China program initiated recently by Destination DC to help the area to better accommodate Chinese visitors.

        Through the program, local businesses can earn Welcome China certification by meeting at least three of a list of 12 requirements in a particular category. The requirements include providing Mandarin-speaking staff, Chinese subtitles on videos and audio tours in Chinese.

        "This is our first entrance into a certification program, so we're going to do a lot to promote the program out to the customers," said Theresa Belpulsi, vice-president of tourism and visitor services at Destination DC.

        About 2.6 million Chinese visited the United States last year. Washington, DC, with record arrivals of about 300,000 visitors from China last year, has witnessed a 635 percent growth in Chinese visitors over the past 10 years, according to Scott Johnson, president of Travel Marketing Insights.

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