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HZM-1300T650T heavy sanding machine
Suitable material

Suitable for multi plate, MDF board, solid wood composite board, cement board,

aluminum honeycomb board, calcium silicate board,  advertisement board, etc.


Body base selection of high quality steel, automatic welding by the robot,

aging treatment, smooth and solid weld, not easy to deformation.
Roll wheel has a dynamic balance tester, the calibration accuracy

can be controlled within the range of 1g-3g, 20% higher than the national standard,

improve the accuracy of the sand, to avoid the generation of ripple.
Suspended structure of the beam seat,

can prevent the deformation of the beam seat to ensure the stability of the whole machine.
The grouping type pressure roller is equipped with an upper and a lower adjustable device,

which can adjust the position and the pressure of the pressing roller according to different sand

cutting boards to ensure the effective guide action of the plate in the sand cutting process.
Sand light roller and belt wheel stable performance, strong structure, easy maintenance.

Model 1300T P650T  
Maximum processing width 1300mm 650mm  
The shortest processing length 290mm 290mm  
Machining thickness 2-150mm 2-150mm  
Conveying speed 4-18m/min 4-18m/min  
Total power 92.145Kw 58.265Kw  
First frame motor power 37Kw 18.5Kw  
Second sand frame motor power 30Kw 18.5Kw  
Third sand frame motor power 18.5Kw 15Kw  
Hydraulic motor power 5.5Kw 5.5Kw  
Brush roll motor power 0.37Kw 0.37Kw  
Lifting motor power 0.75Kw 0.37Kw  
The first sand shelf rubber hardness 80sh 80sh  
Second sand shelf rubber hardness 70sh 70sh  
Third sand shelf rubber hardness 75sh 75sh  
The first frame sand roller diameter Φ300mm Φ300mm  
Second sander roller diameter Φ300mm Φ300mm  
Third sander roller diameter Φ150mm Φ150mm  
The first frame sand belt speed 25m/s 25m/s  
Second sand shelf belt speed 23m/s 23m/s  
Third sand shelf belt speed 14m/s 14m/s  
Abrasive belt size 1350×2170mm 700×2130mm  
Working pressure 0.6MPa 0.6MPa  
Compressed air consumption 30m3/h 30m3/h  
Dust collection 13700m3/h 10300m3/h  
Outline dimension 2140×2500×2101mm 1490×2661×2101mm  

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