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HZM-1300B shaped surface sanding machine
Suitable material

The machine is mainly used for PVC window board, PVC door, wood door of the surface of the color film.


Five groups of modular independent units.

The first group of brush plate revolution with the rotating autobiography;

group two or three was the reverse of the brush;
Fourth, five groups of rotary reciprocating sanding roller can adjust the angle of the light unit;

each brush can individually adjust the height of CNC,

to meet the processing requirements of different workpieces.
Brushing can be clockwise and anticlockwise rotating reciprocating roller brush;

roller wheel angle can be adjusted according to the requirements of the workpiece angle.
Can work on the work of the coding and memory of the work, once again,

just enter the code, remember that will be based on the memory data,

automatic adjustment of work, to achieve the work requirements.
The gauze, sisal and abrasive roller, grinding processing of workpiece sharp edge chamfering

, deburring, surface paint and paint stacked on the side of the workpiece.
The fixed height of the working table and vacuum adsorption can be

processed to be short or smooth workpiece, even in the larger grinding process

can ensure the effective delivery of raw materials.
Brush replacement more convenient. Open the locking buckle, pull off the lock pin,

remove the brush, and then install the same way.
Dust blowing device to achieve the workpiece surface cleaning.

High quality speed reducer, with the function of high gear frequency conversion.
The wire and an insulating sheath are obtained "UL" certification American Standard,

DC resistance of the conductor in full compliance with national

standards in Europe and America, has good conductivity, high safety.

Maximum processing width 1300mm Vacuum adsorption motor power 2×5.5kw
Maximum working thickness 100mm Vacuum adsorption inlet diameter 4×150mm
Total lift motor power 4×0.18kw Vacuum outlet diameter 2×150mm
Brush plate lifting motor power 2×0.18kw Diameter of dust collector 11×150mm
Autobiography / brush rotation   Dust suction air volume 9×918m3/h
Power of variable frequency motor 2.2kw Dust collecting customs 25-30m/s
Brush speed 80~300rpm Eccentric revolution power frequency motor 0.75kw
Brush quantity 4×3+6+7 Eccentric autobiography 1.5kw
Brush roller 2×1.5kw motor power 3×0.18kw
speed 60~350rpm Rotary speed 60-350rpm
Brush roller quantity 2(Angle of inclination) Working pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Brush roller diameter 450mm Compressed air consumption 0.1m3/min
Brush disc diameter 130mm Outline dimension 5400×2400×2452mm
Frequency conversion 2.2kw weight 7700kg
Conveyor belt speed 4~18m/min    

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