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Suitable material

This machine is mainly used for PVC window board, PVC door, wood door of the surface of the color film


The whole body is welded by 10# steel and steel plate. After aging treatment,

the whole of Longmen after the milling precision is high, the body surface by sand blasting treatment;
Worm drive, smooth running and no noise;
The control operation of the screen with a touch screen,

the equipment configuration flow diagram, operation can clear observation equipment;
Temperature control using the far infrared temperature sensor, the PLC automatic control,

the speed adjustment of the machine PLC automatic compensation temperature;
The use of the United States, the United States original pneumatic diaphragm pump automatic circulation,

safe and reliable, and the affinity of the agent in a timely manner, no waste, the affinity of the tank with three filtration function;
Pneumatic unwinding, magnetic powder brake machine configuration;

PVC film deviation correcting mechanism, reasonable design, high precision and sensitivity,

adjust the size of the digital display, correcting error less than 0.2mm;
The main press roller adopts linear bearing, which is flexible and convenient.

Flow to Effective film width Maximum film mulching height Speed heating power Transmission power Total power Outline dimension
From right to left 1300mm 80mm 0~30m/min 20.4Kw 3.7Kw 25Kw L6000×W1700/2000×H2000mm


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