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Three lamp UV dryer
Suitable material

This machine is designed for UV drying.


The machine has fast drying speed, the surface hardness of the coating is improved,

and the color is bright, and it is widely used in the drying of wood products,

plastic, leather and metal products after UV coating.
Conveyor with stainless steel mesh belt .
Each UV lamp has an independent cooling system, the cabinet ventilation effect is good,

effectively extend the UV lamp, capacitor and transformer life.
Each UV lamp has an independent control system, the light intensity is strong,

weak at the beginning. UV light box using split, demolition, replacement is very convenient and simple.
Each side of the lamp box side is provided with a visual window.

UV lamp turning device can be matched with the machine.

Model Effective machining width effective processing thickness minimum machining length delivery speed lamp power transmission power outline dimension
600# 600mm 3-80mm 300mm 0-20m/min 6kw*3 0.4kw 2000mm*1450mm*1600mm
1000# 1000mm 3-80mm 300mm 0-20m/min 8kw*3 0.75kw 2000mm*1850mm*1600mm
1300# 1300mm 3-80mm 300mm 0-20m/min 9.7kw*3 0.75kw 2000mm*2150mm*1600mm

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