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Mercury UV dryer
Suitable material

This machine is specially designed for UV drying, the drying speed, the surface hardness of coating material, colour and lustre.


High efficiency: the tuner power supply,

UV power supply system with micro system based on microprocessor technology.
Using ITG3 inverter technology to obtain the highest energy efficiency,

using the same power UB energy increased by 10%-20%
Energy saving: electronic UV dryer ultra low standby,

stepless adjustable, energy can be adjusted in 50%100%.
In the absence of product feeding in 10% of the standby state,

while the UV lamp is not reduced, and can achieve a predetermined energy in a second.
Convenient: mercury lamp and lamp can be completely married with a lampshade,

electronic UV dryer adopts MCU software drive system.
Multi stage feedback detection, the whole design is reasonable,

the volume is small, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving.
Safety: electronic UV dryer using PIC communication mode to achieve data exchange.
Monitor power supply status and alarm, display the current, voltage power and fault information.
It can be convenient and PIC touch screen communication links,

digital signal control, historical control and the use of energy consumption to exclude query.

No parameters, contact customer service to obtain more precise parameter information

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