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HaoZeMan Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded at the Taichung Industrial Park in Qingdao. Under an excellent operational environment, and with superbly dedicated staff, our scale of business grew rapidly. HaoZeMan machines have since been sold in over 50 countries and have earned a strong reputation for value. Under the company's policy of "operational specialization," we have invested heavily in strengthening the structure of our enterprise to achieve a modern organization and create even greater business.



Committed to Business Continuity Stepping Forward to New Horizons

After years of struggle and continuous development, HaoZeMan has always been conscious of business continuity. In market development, organizational management, employee welfare, and social responsibility, we always follow the Long New philosophy of, "Business continuity and continuous development." This drives us toward new challenges, and will take HaoZeMan's business into a new era.

Prompt Service

Because business and manufacturing require speed and efficiency, prompt customer service is necessary for an enterprise to survive. HaoZeMan fully recognizes that only superior internal management and a clear concept of customer priority enables our company to provide prompt and comprehensive service. To offer the most efficient service to our customers, HaoZeMan is always strengthening internal management and providing relevant training for all personnel.

In Pursuit of Technological

Customers worldwide recognize the outstanding performance and quality of HaoZeMan machines. HaoZeMan continuously develops machinery using the latest technology. We make tremendous efforts and invest many resources in research and development. Through continuous education of R&D staff, our design capabilities are progressively upgraded, and based on our customer priority concept, we also listen carefully to customer suggestions. This is how HaoZeMan machines fully meet all customer requirements.

ADDRESS: Qingdao City, Hong Island Economic Zone Ao Road East, No. 118
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ADDRESS: Qingdao City, Hong Island Economic Zone Ao Road East, No. 118
TEL:0532-87033888   鲁ICP备16035229号-1
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